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Electrical Testing

Purpose of Electrical Testing

Experior Laboratories is a trusted testing services laboratory with a proven track-record in qualification, design verification and reliability testing. Combining years of experience in the testing arena with a team of experts focused on electrical connectors, Experior offers a full-range of reliable and cost-effective qualification, design verification and reliability testing services for electrical connectors in the military and aerospace markets.

Experior’s testing services for electrical connector components (termini, pins, sockets, plugs, receptacles, backshells, cables, harnesses, etc.) and systems are conducted in accordance with the MIL-Standards* – as well as many other electrical connector test procedures. (*EIA-364 series replaces MIL-STD-1344). Our electrical test lab is sectioned off from the warehouse, ensuring dust and debris do not enter the lab. This ensures that products are free from contamination.

Our facility can also test cabling and wiring in accordance to SAE, MIL, TIA, and other standards. For example SAE AS22759 and AS27500 specifies test methods for environment and cable-specific test. A brief list of cabling and wiring tests is listed below.

Environmental Testing of electrical connector, cable, and wire

Here are some examples of environmental stress tests for electrical components.

  • Thermal Shock
  • Flammability
  • Life Cycle
  • Immersion
  • Humidity
  • Vibration

Tests specific to electrical connector, cable, and wire

This is a brief list of connector, cable, and wire-specific tests done at our facility.

  • Conductor Resistance
  • Elongation & Tensile Strength of Conductor
  • Shield Coverage/Braid Angle
  • Jacket Wall Thickness
  • Cable Jacket Removability
  • Jacket Tensile Strength & Elongation
  • Termini resistance
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